Provide Value to your Real Estate Agent connections and Grow Referral Business!

Stay top of mind with your real estate agent network with best-in-class marketing technology. Learn how thousands of loan officers are using MyAgentConnector to generate more leads.

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Increase Referral Business with MyAgentConnector


MyAgentConnector is the industry’s most expansive digital marketing automation platform that helps Loan Officers grow more referral business. It’s free, easy to use, and can expose you to more leads. Join thousands of other successful loan officers today.

Stop chasing leads.
Start growing them.

Quickly and economically enhance lead generation from your real estate connections.

Extend the value of marketing automation to your realtor network at No Cost.

Provide real estate agents with marketing tools to help them close business faster, while helping you grow beneficial relationships.


How MyAgentConnector can help:


Pre-built marketing automation solutions that save your brain cells and decrease the time to close more listings.


You and your real estate connections pay nothing to access all of the lead generation features of the MyAgentConnector platform.


Access training videos, tutorials, scripts, and resources to help you get started and grow business quickly.


MyAgentConnector provides an automated marketing technology suite to help your Realtors close business faster, and to help Loan Officers stay top of mind with your realtor network.

Create and Share Digital Single Property Sites.

Realtors can easily showcase their listings on our auto-generated single property websites! No need for coding or graphic designing, MyAgentConnector integrates with MLS to pull information and photos of the property, all into one shareable website link!

Facebook Auto Sharing.

As a Loan Officer you can help your realtors generate more exposure to their listings using our Facebook authorized lead generating integration. When a consumer clicks on a post, Facebook can help generate a lead name and email address. By providing more value to your relationships, you can generate more business!

Switch from Paper to Digital Business Cards.

In this technology forward age, transitioning to a digital business card can help your real estate agents promote themselves or their properties faster, and capture lead generation data on potential consumers!

Generate buyer leads with Text Code Sign Rider.

Realtors can place a text code sign rider on their For Sale signs allowing potential buyers to text a short code and received an automated message from the realtor with information they want, and the real estate agent and YOU get lead notifications in real time!

Capture more Open House leads.

Provide open house walk-in consumers with a way to register and receive your digital business card. Generate lead details like name, phone, and email. And, enhance open house safety!

Use analytics to measure and share with your network.

From one dashboard you can see how many real estate agents have accepted your FREE invitation to join, how many leads your realtors’ properties are generating, and how many impressions have been generated for their listings.

Promote your contact information with your realtor network.

In your realtor’s dashboard, they will see your logo, name, and contact information every time they login to view the leads they’ve generated from MyAgentConnector’s marketing technology suite.


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